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Bathtub and Shower Remodeling

Are you tired of your bathroom, bathtub, and/or shower not being up-to-par and are looking for some new bathtub and shower remodeling plus installation? If so, we’re able to turn your bathroom’s space into a Heaven of sorts here at BathtubAndShowerRemodeling.com!

We offer high-quality, customizable products that are made to last with minimal effort and maintenance on your part. Our team of licensed and professional remodelers and craftsmen are some of the best in the industry and they are able to offer you remodeling installation in 24 hours or less. They’ll ensure that you and your household are elated once they are done setting up everything that you desire in your bathroom!

When it comes to the quality of our craftsmanship, we use only 100% American-made Acrylic due to how durable it is. No matter if you’re just replacing one small thing or remodeling your entire bathroom, our options are so vast and detailed that we know we can help you finalize your bathroom’s new look. Our workers are all factory trained and certified and we make sure that they’re always kept up to date with ongoing education and a support system. They will be able to easily guide you through the entire process to make sure that you only receive a quality and perfect installation!

DEEP Jetted Tubs

Unlike the typical bathtubs that are in most homes, the Jetted tubs that we create are ergonomically shaped to allow individuals of any and every body type to enjoy themselves in soothing waters.

Our jetted installations can help you enjoy benefits like these:

Erase the burden of gravity from your joints (especially if they’re stiff)
Complete support for sore arms, legs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and so on.
Decreases your body’s inflammation, swelling, and tenseness.
Enhanced blood circulation throughout your body’s systems.
Builds up your body’s blood oxygen levels.
Relaxes muscle tension and stress.
Resistance to mold and mildew

We offer:

Tub Replacements
1-Day (24 Hour) Renovations (we’ll have everything done for in LESS than 24 hours)
Support from the Dealers
Quick Delivery
Wall Replacement (of your tubs with your selection of tile and stone patterns)
DEEP Soaker Tubs
100% Nonporous Acryllic (which doesn’t mildew, stain, chip, peel, or crack, ever)

Walk-in Jacuzzi Tubs and Features

No matter the concerns that you may have:

Fear of falling down
Chronic pain
Slippery Floors

Our installers will be able to show and create several options that will fit the mold and shape of your bathroom. This will give you the mental reassurance you need before we have them start doing bathtub and shower remodeling.

Our Jacuzzi’s offer the Following Features:

Jet Technology – You can use this when you have the desire for a thorough massage, a kneading massage, and so on. You can change the flow and direction of the jacuzzi’s jet system to fit your needs, accordingly.

Aqualibrium – This system makes for a high-volume and low-pressure hydromassage.

Pointpro – With the Pointpro, we’re able to give you a deeper hydromassage that is strong and yet not discomforting or even in its massaging ability. As to be expected, you’re able to adjust the settings as you see fit to your own pleasure.

Micro Pointpro – Unlike the regular Pointpro, this offers medium precision that is aimed towards massaging your back’s massage. This comes with a reduced rate of low while having maximum maneuverability to release bodily stress in various places.


We offer:

Tub to Shower Conversions – This is for those of you who have a tub that you’d instead rather be turned into a shower. This is certainly ideal for those looking for safety, convenience, and something a bit more “Modern” like all of the bathtub and shower remodeling you’d see on home improvement TV Shows (that you probably watch).

Low to NO Threshold Shower Installations – A “No” Threshold Shower, aka Roll-In Shower, provides unrestricted access into the shower and can also make your bathroom appear to be much bigger (than it is) and will make the area look more “open” (spacious, so to speak). This installation is perfect for those with limited mobility as we know how often older showers have some sort of wall that you have to step over (which is a danger at times).

The Colors Textures We Can Offer:

Alabaster White
Castle Rock
Champagne Travertine
Cliffside Marble
Copper Ridge
Marble Cove
Moroccan Marble
Platinum Grey
Quarry Topaz
Sandshell Beige
Tahiti Marble Windstorm

The Textures We Can Offer:

4×4 Title
8×10 Tile
12×12 Stone Tile
Stone Random Title
Subway Tile

Fully Bathtub and Shower Remodeling Customization Options:

Handholds and Grab Bars
Walk-In Tubs
ADA-Compliant Showers
Safety Showers
Soap Dishes
Slip-RESISTANT Flooring
Quick Drain Tubs
Foot Pedestals
Retractable Seats
Silver Shield Anti-Microbial Protection
Low and No Threshold Options
No Cracking or Fading
Built-in Benches

As always, with our services, they offer the following:

No Cracking or Fading, Ever
Low to No Threshold Choices
Silver Shield Anti-Microbial Protection
Ease of Maintenance

Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Our service believes so much in the quality of our services that we provide a LIFETIME Warranty on whatever it is that we craft for your bathtub and shower remodeling (bathroom) needs. Give us a call and we will place you with one of our representatives that can discuss the complete details with you all!

This warranty is for the life of your house, too!

With all of that said, please give us a call TODAY @ 877-355-3754! We are open EVERY day during the following times (all across the continental U.S.):

Give us a CALL at 1-877-355-3754:

Mon-Friday (7 AM to 9 PM EST)
Sat-Sunday (10 AM to 5 PM EST)